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March 11, 2024

What to do in Piemonte?

Day trips in Piemonte region

Planning your trip to Piemonte?  Let us share our recommendations and suggestions to make the best out of your holiday for everyone in your family / group of friends. Villa Robini is situated in the heart of Piemonte, which brings you close to visit enchanting towns and world-renowned wineries, explore exciting bike and trekking routes, and other family-friendly activities. Here is something for everyone within a 2-hour radius.

Towns and Cities to Visit:
  1. Alba: Treat yourself in the truffle capital of the world. Explore the historic center, indulge in local cuisine, and don't miss the truffle markets from October to December.
  2. Asti: Famous for its medieval Palio, Asti offers a blend of history and modernity. Wander through the old town and sample Asti Spumante in one of its many enotecas / wine shops.
  3. Barolo: A must-visit for wine enthusiasts. Stroll through the vineyards, visit wine cellars, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Langhe region.
  4. Torino: Discover the grandeur of Turin, with its rich history and cultural attractions. Visit the Egyptian Museum or take a stroll in the elegant squares. Plenty of shopping with a grand selection of international brands.
  5. Milan: Experience the fashion and art capital of Italy. Explore the iconic Duomo, indulge in shopping at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and admire Da Vinci's Last Supper.
  6. Nizza Monferrato: A charming town in the heart of Monferrato. Wander through its historic center and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.
  7. Neive: Enjoy a visit to this charming village with beautiful historical buildings, various restaurants and trattorias to enjoy a lovely lunch, and small artisan shops and galleries for a little gift shopping. Visit our guide to Neive
  8. Acqui Terme: Known for its ancient Roman baths and charming cobblestone streets, try a relaxing experience in the rejuvenating thermal waters. Wander the streets for shopping, stop for a coffee and try the local delicacies.
  9. Canelli & Santo Stefano Belbo: These are our nearest local towns and offers a nice atmosphere, local food shopping and restaurants.

Wineries for Wine Tasting:

Cheers to the art of winemaking in Piemonte! The selection of wineries in our area is large, choose from historic cellars to the more modern estates. Here are some of our local wineries:

  1. Contratto & La Spinetta: Visit the historic Contratto winery for a sparkling wine experience. Discover the art of Italian sparkling wine production.
  2. Coppo: One of the oldest wineries in Italy, The Coppo winecellars are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, celebrated for its commitment to quality and the artistry of producing wines that capture the essence of Piemonte
  3. Bosca: Experience the legacy of Bosca Winery, dating back to 1831, Bosca crafts exceptional sparkling wines.
  4. Gancia: Taste the legacy of Italian craftsmanship, famous for their exceptional sparkling wines.
  5. Marco Capra: Our closets local winery. If Marco has time available, you should book a wine tasting and buy his wonderful wine that are locally produced.
  6. Ca'Barun: Visit Peter Thomsen, a local wine producer in Santo Stefano Belbo and book your wine tasting.
  7. MilleVite: Visit the Danish winemaker couple, Michael & Ann Dupont for a wine tasting in their most beautiful private home.

    Visit our Guide to wineries in Canelli

Markets to Visit:

Everyday is market day in Piemonte! There is always a market to visit in one of the many local towns and cities.
Visit our market guide for the specific dates and locations.

  1. Local weekly markets: mainly food stalls with local produced fresh food, new clothes and things for the household.
  2. Antique & Vintage markets: monthly weekend markets with wonderful selections of vintage and used goods, clothes and antiques.
  3. Alba Truffle Market: If you're visiting in autumn, don't miss the Alba Truffle Market, a gastronomic delight for truffle enthusiasts.
Scenic Bike Routes:

For the adventurous and active souls, we would highly recommend exploring the region on two wheels. Both road bikes and e-bikes can be rented locally in Canelli or in Nizza.

  1. Biking routes around Canelli
  2. Biking routes around Santo Stefano Belbo
  3. Biking routes in the area of Cuneo

Trekking Routes:

Actually, you just need to hop in your sneakers and start walking from the house, and you will be stunned by the beautiful views where ever you look. You can easily walk down to Canelli or Santo Stefano Belbo, and enjoy the steep route on the way back. Or you can get lost voluntarily, wandering the many winding roads and small paths around the vineyards. If you want to be more organized, here are some suggestions for your Piemonte wanderlust:

  1. Trekking routes around Canelli
  2. Trekking routes around Santo Stefano Belbo
  3. Barolo Wine Trails: Hike through the Barolo vineyards, discovering ancient castles and charming villages along the way.
  4. Monte Bracco Summit: For a more challenging trek, conquer the summit of Monte Bracco and be rewarded with breathtaking vistas.

A day at the beach:
  1. Savona - 1,5 hour drive - Relax on the serene shores of Savona's beach, where the gentle waves and tranquil atmosphere offer a perfect escape along the Italian Riviera. Here are the best beaches around Savona.
    For a more luxurious experience, you can rent sundeck chairs at the nice beach front of Hotel Mare beachclub.
  2. Noli - 1,75 hour drive - a picturesque coastal town on the Italian Riviera, boasts charming medieval architecture and golden sandy beaches, creating an idyllic seaside retreat.

A day in the mountains - hiking, MTB or skiing:
  1. Limone - 2 hour drive - transforms into a snowy haven with excellent ski facilities in the winter, with thrilling slopes against a stunning mountain backdrop. As summer arrives, the town welcomes mountain biking enthusiasts to explore its trails, providing an adventurous escape in the warmer months.
Fun activities for kids, teens & playful souls:
  1. Nut Farm Visit: Take a trip to a local nut farm and discover the fascinating process of Nutella production. A delightful experience for kids and chocolate enthusiasts alike!
  2. A trip to the local river of Cartosio for a dip.
  3. Seravalle designer outlet for shopping a wide selection of designer brands - 230 stores.
  4. Ondaland, the biggest waterpark in Italy. (1,5 hour drive)
  5. Tennis club Vallebelbo / Padel in Canelli - lanes can be booked per hour.
  6. Scooter rental: cruise the winding roads on a real Vespa.

This guide is designed to offer a taste of the wonders near Villa Robini.
Mix and match activities based on your preferences, and most importantly, enjoy every moment of your stay in the beautiful Piemonte!

You will also find a tour box in the house, with lot's of brochures, maps and flyers of local places to visit.
Please leave your own suggestions to other guests in our guestbook, and throw flyers and post cards you have collected in the box.
We like to share our best moments & memories with our guests.

For more details and updates, check our blog.

We wish you a wonderful holiday!

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