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At Villa Robini we can only promise you great moments and unforgettable holidays staying with us.
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With a love of Nordic design & hand-picked vintage furniture with a history

Our Rooms

6 bedrooms with stunning views

The villa has 6 beautiful bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms with shower and toilet. Each room is decorated with a touch of Nordic design, hand-picked vintage wooden furniture, beautiful lamps and a delicate earthy palette that will make you feel comfortable in the Italian breeze. This blend of history and aesthetics creates an unforgettable, intimate escape.

  • High end luxury king-size beds in 3 of the rooms.
  • Luxury twin beds in 3 of the rooms, can be separated.
  • Brand new Scandinavian down duvets and pillows.
  • All rooms have access to a terrace or balcony with stunning views.
  • 2 of the rooms have air conditioning.

The century-old stone house is full of fine details, original stone walls, exposed wooden beams and classic vaulted ceilings.

Designed to make you feel at ease in the Italian breeze

Room no. 1

Welcome inside our wonderful Room no. 1, which is the only room situated in the ground floor. Here you will enjoy a calm and spacious atmosphere. The luxury double bed has a lovely view to the east-side terrace where you will gently wake up in the light of the early sunrise through the tall windows. Or you can keep the room all dark with the blackout curtains. Beside the antique cupboard for your clothes, you also have a walk-in wardrobe in the back side of the room. The double doors opens up to the courtyard, with a beautiful flower bed that leads to the east-side terrace, or yoga platform as we call it.
The large bathroom has a stunning view of the entire valley, medieval towns and vineyards, bringing beautiful light into your morning routine.

  • Luxury double bed or split in to 2 single beds
  • Private bathroom with hairdryer
  • Walk-in wardrobe with full figure mirror
  • Access to courtyard and terrace from the room
  • Two faced view of the valley and the vineyards
  • Blackout curtains

Room no. 2

At the end of the long hallway on first floor, you will enter the amazing Room no. 2 - very spacious and light with stunning views both inside and outside. Here you will wake up facing the sunrise behind the fluttering linen curtains with the Italian breeze is floating through the room. You will also find the perfect spot to write your memoirs at the little vintage desk, gazing over the magnificent views of the valleys all the way to the alps. Or you can take a quiet rest sitting on the balcony reading a book or simply counting the grapes in vineyards. You also have your own cozy bathroom, elegantly hidden behind the old vintage sliding door at the entrance.

  • High-end luxury kingsize bed
  • Private bathroom with hairdryer
  • Workstation with small desk and lamp
  • Double doors opens up to a long balcony
  • View of the valley, vineyards and courtyard
  • Room for setting up an extra bed

Room no. 3

Feel the cozy and intimate atmosphere in Room no. 3 where you have a wonderful view of the vineyards from your bed through the light breezy curtains. Open up the double doors to your balcony and yell 'Buongiorno' to the growing grapes. Your bathroom is beautifully light with a dreamy view to entertain you, while getting ready for a new day in Piemonte. Don't forget to admire the original arched ceilings in both rooms. The delicate pink travertine bed tables are handmade from the local marble dealer/marmarista.

  • Luxury double bed or split in to 2 single beds
  • Private bathroom with hairdryer
  • Arched ceilings
  • Wardrobe and built in vintage cupboard
  • Balcony facing the courtyard
  • View of the vineyards

Room no. 4

Enjoy the original cozy vineyard atmosphere in the lovely Room no. 4. Lying in bed, gazing through the light curtains, your double doors open out to your own private balcony facing full view of the courtyard as well as the endless vineyards. Or you can look up in to curved ceilings that ooze history so beautifully restored. The bathroom is spacious with a stunning view from the loo and the shower that lightens up your stay.

  • Luxury double bed or split in to 2 single beds
  • Private bathroom with hairdryer
  • Original arched ceilings in both rooms
  • Wardrobe facilities
  • Private balcony facing the courtyard
  • View of the vineyards

Room 5

The ambience in Room no. 5 is both cozy and spacious, as the high ceilings with exposed beams brings that magic touch to the room. You will for sure sleep comfortable in the high-end kingsize bed, cooled down with air con in the warm nights. Furthermore the travertine bedside tables adds a touch of elegance to the room, which are complemented by the pastel chalk-painted walls for a rustic yet cozy feel.  The French balcony and windows all together frames the vineyard and pool views beautifully.  The cute walk-through wardrobe connects to the charming bathroom with the original stone wall shower and marble top wash table.

  • High end luxury kingsize bed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private bathroom with hairdryer
  • Walk through wardrobe
  • French balcony facing the courtyard & vineyards
  • High ceilings with exposed beams

Room 6

Facing North and with a fantastic view of the valley, you will stay in the awesome Room no. 6 - spacious and with beautiful high ceilings with exposed wooden beams. Soak in to the luxury bed at night and cool down the room with air con in the hot summertime. In the morning, when you open the light curtains and step out on your balcony, the view will fill you up with inner joy. Connected is the wonderful bathroom that offers a shower with a view. The room can easily fit 1 or 2 extra beds.

  • High-end luxury kingsize bed
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private bathroom with hairdryer
  • Balcony with stunning view of the valley
  • High ceilings with exposed beams
  • Family size room / Room for an extra bed

All our rooms have private bathrooms and stunning views

We are great believers that our surroundings affect our energy, good mood and mental health. That is the main reason why at Villa Robini we have organised every small detail in a way to reflect the harmony in the space, both indoor and outdoor. Everything has been built having the Nordic minimalist principles in mind to find balance and harmony between elements and color tones.