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May 22, 2024

Visit the International White Truffle Fair of Alba

Visit the Alba Truffle festival from October 12th. to December 8th. 2024

The International White Truffle Fair of Alba (Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d'Alba) is one of the most renowned truffle festivals in the world. It takes place in Alba, just 40 minutes drive from our Villa Robini. This festival is a celebration of the prized white truffle, a rare and aromatic delicacy found in the region's woodlands.

The Truffle festival typically runs from  October to December, which is the peak of the truffle season. During this time, Alba becomes a hub for truffle enthusiasts, foodies, and tourists from around the globe who come to experience the unique flavors and cultural significance of this exquisite fungus.

Truffle hunting in Piedmont
Truffle hunting with the locals in Piedmont

Highlights of the Truffle festival in Alba may include:

  1. Truffle Market: The heart of the festival is the truffle market, where vendors showcase and sell fresh white truffles. Truffles are carefully weighed and priced according to their size and quality. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase these precious fungi.
  2. Culinary Events: Restaurants in Alba and the surrounding region create special truffle-infused menus. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of truffle-themed dishes, from pasta to risotto and more, highlighting the truffle's unique flavor and aroma.
  3. Truffle Hunting Demonstrations: Some festivals offer demonstrations of truffle hunting, where trained dogs or pigs are used to locate truffles in the wild. These demonstrations provide insights into the traditional techniques of truffle hunting.
  4. Cooking Workshops and Demonstrations: Visitors can attend cooking workshops and demonstrations led by renowned chefs, where they learn how to incorporate truffles into various dishes and gain insights into the art of cooking with this prized ingredient.
  5. Wine Tastings: Piedmont is also known for its exceptional wines, and during the festival, wine tastings and pairings are often offered, allowing attendees to savor local wines alongside truffle-enhanced dishes.
  6. Cultural Events: The festival often features cultural performances, music, and entertainment that celebrate the local heritage and traditions of the Piedmont region.
Truffle Festival in Piemonte

The Truffle festival in Alba is a wonderful opportunity to experience the culinary and cultural richness of Piedmont while indulging in the unique flavours and aromas of the revered white truffle. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the festival's schedule, activities, and details, I recommend visiting the official website of the Alba Tourism Board or checking with local sources.

Book your truffle trip and stay at Villa Robini

If you are interested to stay at Villa Robini during the Truffle festival season, we can help you connect with the local Truffle hunters for a special tour and tips to the best restaurants. The distance from Villa Robini to Alba is just 40 minutes / 30 km.

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