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At Villa Robini we can only promise you great moments and unforgettable holidays staying with us.
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September 8, 2023

Stay Fit - rent a holiday house with a gym

Are you planning a getaway to the picturesque vineyards of Piemonte? At Villa Robini, we believe in offering our guests a well-rounded experience that combines relaxation, indulgence, and fitness. Our charming vacation home is not just about savouring exquisite Italian food and wine; it's also a place where you can maintain your fitness routine and indulge in some healthy exercise. Here's a glimpse of our fitness amenities and the endless possibilities for staying active during your stay.

Your personal gym away from home

Nestled in our quaint garage, we have created a cozy gym where you can break a sweat and stay on track with your fitness goals. Our gym is equipped with everything you need, including:

  • Two Benches: Ideal for a variety of exercises and strength training.
  • Various Weights: Challenge yourself with a range of weights to suit your fitness level.
  • Kettlebells: Perfect for dynamic workouts that engage multiple muscle groups.
  • Barbell: Enhance your strength and stability with classic barbell exercises.
  • Pull-Up Bar: Strengthen your upper body with pull-ups and chin-ups.
  • Boxing Bag: Release stress and build endurance with some boxing sessions.
  • Skipping Ropes: Cardio workouts are a breeze with these handy tools.
  • Pilates Gear: Improve flexibility, balance, and core strength.
  • 14 Yoga Mats: Find your inner zen with yoga practice in our serene surroundings.

The Great Outdoors – Your Fitness Playground

At Villa Robini, we encourage you to step outside and make the most of the stunning natural beauty surrounding our property. Here are some ways you can stay active while soaking in the breathtaking Piemonte landscape:

  • Trail Runs: Enjoy the many different trail runs through the vineyards, with challenging elevations that will keep your heart pumping. The awe-inspiring views will make every stride worth it.
  • Biking Adventures: Discover the endless winding roads that meander through the rolling vineyards and charming Italian villages. Our area offers a cyclist's paradise with various routes to explore.
  • Rustic Benches Workout: Use the rustic benches around the property for exercises like box jumps, push-ups, sit-ups, and more. The fresh air and scenic surroundings will make your workout even more enjoyable.
  • Saltwater Pool: Take a refreshing dip in our large saltwater pool, perfect for swimming laps and cooling off after a workout.
  • Yoga practice: Do your yoga in the quiet sunrise at our yoga platform overviewing the valley. Or place your mats at the pool deck and do your positions gazing all the way to the alps.

With such a diverse range of fitness opportunities right outside your door, there's no excuse not to stay active while enjoying your Italian holiday at Villa Robini.

Balance and Bliss

Maintaining your fitness routine doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the joys of indulging in Italian cuisine and wine. At Villa Robini, we believe in finding the perfect balance between staying fit and savouring the sweet life. After a day of adventure and exercise, reward yourself with the exquisite flavours of Piemonte.

So, whether you prefer to break a sweat in our well-equipped gym, explore the vineyard trails, pedal through picturesque landscapes, or simply take a dip in the pool, Villa Robini offers a complete fitness and relaxation experience.

Book your stay with us and discover how you can stay fit and treat your body to a little healthy exercise in the midst of enjoying the Italian food and wine culture. At Villa Robini, we invite you to embrace the holistic essence of your Italian getaway – where wellness meets indulgence.

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